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First things first, let me tell you a little bit about that guy up there.

Hi, my name is Jorge Garcia, I'm an interface developer. I'm super-passionate about user interface design and development! I love UI design, programming, interaction design, and making things. So naturally, user interfaces are a perfect fit! I love creating things. Simple to complex, good looking, enjoyable, and most importantly, functional user interface solutions are my specialty. It's all I want to do, and I do it for fun and profit! When I'm not creating things, I'm breaking down concepts, learning new methods, and perfecting my craft.

I do a lot of all of it! I enjoy providing graphic design, user experience, and interface development services. I've done one or more of those things for each of my employers and clients, and the results are generally pretty awesome. I'm crazy about illustration, corporate design, print, and web development, and have steadily built myself into a focused, multi-disciplined, wrecking machine. Let me build things for you!

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I'm pretty good at building high-quality user interfaces, relatively quickly. This makes me happy.

My journey through design and development has run the gamut of web and software development. I've been fortunate enough to work with talented teams building small and large web sites. I gained additional experience with web applications and software, creating customer support websites, and data center management infrastructure solutions. I also spent some exciting and rewarding years in the games industry, where I worked with teams making mobile and console games. Throughout my practice, I've learned a lot of methodologies, development models, and engineering theories. This has allowed me to couple my foundation in art and design with development know-how to create user interfaces that provide real solutions.

Throughout my career, my tools have always been HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I absolutely love researching web languages, and Javascript is my preferred tool for creating rich, intuitive interfaces. I Enjoy the accessibility of web technologies and languages, the communities that are formed around the different languages, and the wide range of interface solutions that can be addressed with web languages. Javascript's power, utility, and range, coupled with CSS' ease of use and screen/device support are why I have focused my time and effort on these languages.

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Functionality, intuitiveness, and how users feel when they utilize my interfaces is all that matters.

User experience is an essential facet of great interface design. I've spent years learning and applying established UX practices to my design and development process. I love analyzing user data, mapping out interaction models, creating and testing prototypes, and studying use cases. I have applied user experience practices across different applications, websites, and software that resulted in great interfaces with valuable and long lasting results.

I enjoy making protoypes, from wireframes and paper prototypes, to low-fidelity prototypes in XD, or Balsamiq, to rapid prototypes in HTML/CSS/JS. I believe that modeling out interactions and use cases leads to great software, and I use prototyping and wireframing to quickly and efficiently meet my development goals.

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My strong grasp of fundamental design principals is the foundation on which I build great user experiences and functional interfaces.

I love design in all its forms. From web design and interaction design, to software interfaces and graphics, to classic illustration for games and print material, I utilize solid design principals in order to solve problems, communicate ideas, and create enjoyment. The design of the things we love, how they work, and what makes them great, is my passion.

Interaction design, and user interface design is where I excel. I enjoy identifying problems, researching options, architecting solutions, and delivering results. I believe great design is in the look, feel, and utility of useful, effective, and enjoyable things. And as a designer, it's my goal to learn about design and apply those lessons to interface and interaction design.

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When I'm not writing, coding, or researching, I'm diagramming, wireframing, brainstorming, and breaking things down. I draw like a maniac.

In addition to user interfaces, I'm also very passionate about illustration. I try to utilize the skill as often as possible, and when I'm not designing, coding, and researching, I'm more than likely sketching, diagramming, or painting something for a new project. I enjoy traditional illustration, digital painting, and cartooning. I've contributed art to various projects, including games, magazines, web content, and marketing materials.

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